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Tap Into Your Full Genetic Potential

personalized health + nutrition powered by your genetic code

Get started with our simple DNA test and start exploring your health-nutrition-gene relationships. Eat healthier & live longer. 

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We analyze over 140+ genetic variants


What You Get

A revolutionary new approach to highly personalized nutrition & wellness for you and your family.

Gini Stories 

Learn about your health-nutrition-gene relationship

A very fresh and innovative approach to looking at genes, nutrition and health together in one place. Learn about risk, associated genes and nutrigenetic factors.

Gini Health

A snapshot of your DNA based nutritional needs

An accurate guide for all of your micro or macronutrient needs - backed by peer-reviewed research.

Gini Lens

Your own personalized nutrition label

A revolutionary feature, Gini lens shows you the best and the worst foods that you can consume tailored for your DNA. 

Gini Coach

A food + habit coach tailored for you

Be it managing an existing condition or training for an Ironman, we’ll help you plan while keeping it fun and interesting. Stay on top of your health goals easliy.


privacy by design

We offer a highly secure service. Stay assured, your DNA data won’t be shared with any third parties. All your data is encrypted and de-identified to make it anonymous.

  • No Data Sharing or Data Selling
  • Privacy by Design
  • De-Idenfication
  • Encryption

How it Works

Step 1: Order & Register Your Kit

Once you receive your DNA test kit, register it under your name at

how it works

Step 2: Swab Your DNA

Our test kit uses a simple process involving a cheek swab. Takes only 2 minutes to complete.

Step 3: Quick DNA Scanning

We will scan your DNA at a CLIA and CAP certified lab, and send you a confirmation within 2 to 3 weeks. 

dna scanning

Step 4: Start Using Gini

Install Gini on your iOS and Android device. Start exploring your genetic self.

Do More With Your DNA

DNA label

World’s first DNA based nutrition label

health reports

Get actionable health & trait reports 

nutrition reports

Get FREE access to select health + nutrition reports


Highly secure, No data sharing policy

nutrient source

Find natural sources of nutrients


Based on scientific peer reviewed research

i have type 1 diabetes

i have these cravings…

i’m addicted to caffeine

i have so much energy

i am a picky eater

i want to live forever

i can’t stand onions

i don’t know what i need

i want to maximize my energy

i have high blood pressure

i think i need more iron

i worry about anti-oxidants

i love carbs, why?

i have bad allergies

i might be lactose intolerant

i feel tired all the time

i love things that taste good

i just want to feel good

Welcome to a new world of precision nutrition

Live longer and healthier with diets optimized for your genes with Gini.

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